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Thursday, March 5, 2009

my tired weekend..(,'')

assalamualaikum all frenz....firstly,juz wanna say dat i'm so grateful to have frenz like u all!touching sgt time korg tolong aku time kat pasar tue..rase nk nangis pun ade time tue..adib n acot thanx for give me a ride to Baiduri..thanx also to aini n pa yg teman naek keta..besides that,thanx la fafa n abg ngah @fairus bg stapler n jarum tuk sandal yg nazak tue..another caring member like seha,ima,anisa,areesa @ cj wedges,noon,ana,ady,ain,kiki.fifi,wan,noe,padil yg jd tukang ktawe,kak nurul,zaika,aten pun thanx sgt2 tau..abby cam tak perasan die ade tak ek..tak sangka korg really2 care kt aku yek..miss dat moment,although it BITTER!But,it also sweet!!
another story dat I want to share is,as we all know,MITEK has a lot of stall..I'm involved in RISK competition...while prepared all de stuff,i'm felt so depressed and hate to continued de competition..but,with de spirit that blow for me so i became strong..bless for my patient,at last 'BAIDURI HOT TO GO' were announced as the first place among another college..that day,I slept wif smiles on my faces!!!!