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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cuti ooO cuti....

Terus terang aku bagitau,mase dengar je nak cuti seminggu,aku dah bayangkan ape aktiviti pertame yg aku nak buat...aku nak rehat sepuas-puasnye..Memang takde plan lgsg nak buat ape,nsb baiklah sepupu yg aku rapat dri kl blik jb,so,mase hari ahad lpas,die bwklah aku ngan adik aku pegi karaoke kat Festive Street Mall, Danga Bay..Mmg lepas sume tension bile dah nyanyi walaupun ke laut suare aku..haha..Next,hari jumaat pulak,aku dah gerak naik bas ke muar..Aku,Aini,Pa and Fafa ade kne wat research pasal dadah..walaupun dudok johor,tp ni first time aku ke muor..hehe..FaFa and Aini mmg org muo,so aku n pa mcm pelancong asing ikut je diorg ke mane..haha..kitorg tido umah fafa..pengalaman yg manis sgt2..family fafa baik sgt and sanggup layan kerenah kitorg ni..eheh.okla,rasenye tue je nak syer..wat kwn2 klas dcs110,i luv u all!!

web browsers...

How do browsers display a web pages

To load a web page,we need to type a URL or select a link from the bookmarks, hit the Enter key and are taken to a web page.We were not concerned what goes on
behind the scene. A web browser is a computer that displays web pages and web sites.
From the history, web browsers are what made the web "happen.
Web browsers tied up text and images such as animation.We could now view a web page with text and images on your screen.
HTML (HyperText Markup Language, for those who want to know what it stands for), which is a simple "programming" language based on tags that provided instructions for creating web pages such as where to place an image or which text to be made large or which one to be put in italics. Web browsers also could understand and interpret HTML and display the web page to the viewer. The images and other media such as music files, animation are separate from the actual web page HTML file and are only embedded on the page when its displayed by a browser.

history of the computer...


1.First Generation (1939-1954)-vacuum tube

John V.Atanasoff was early person designed the first digital electronic computer.Konrad Zuse in Germany developed in secret the Z3.Howard Aiken developed the Harvard Mark I mechanical computer for the Navy.Meanwhile,John W. Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert built ENIAC at U of PA for the US Army.At 1950,Commander William C. Norris led Engineering Research Associates to develop the Atlas,based on the secret code –breaking computer used by the Navy in WWII.Then,Remington Rand successfully tested UNIVAC ,the first commercial computer to feature a magnetic tape storage system,the eight UNISERVO tape drives that stood separate from the CPU and control console on the other other side of a garage-size room.

2.Second Generation Computer (1954-1959)-transistor

Jacob Rabinow designed the first magnetic disk drive.At 1953, Tom Watson ,Jr., led IBM to introduce the model 604 computer,it first with transistors.Watson impressed with the new transistor radios,IBM alsodeveloped the 650 Magnetic Drum Calculator.”Calculator tht was the first Model 700 line that dominated main frame .

3.Third Generation Computers (1959-1971)-IC

Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments patented the first integrated circuit Feb. at 1959.He also made his first germanium IC.At 1964,IBM produced SABRE.dec introduced the first “mini-computer”,the PDP-8,named after the mini-skirt;DEC founded in 1957 by Kenneth H. Olsen.

4.Fourth Generation (1971-1991)-microprocessor

Gilbert Hyatt at Micro Computer Co. patented the microprocessor in 1971.Gary Kildall wrote his Control Program /Microprocessor (CP/M) disk operating system to provide instruction.At 1973,IBM were developed the first true sealed hard disk,called the “Winchester” after the rifle company,using two 30Mb platters.Xerox developed the Alto workstation at PARC,with a monitor .a grapichal user interface,a mouse and an enthernet card for networking.At 1976,Jobs and Wozniak developed the Apple personal computer ;Alan Shugart introduced the 5.25-inch floppy disk.At 1984,Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh January 24.At 1987, Bill Atkinson of Apple Computers created software called Hypercard.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet the coordinator program and also my CSC119 lecturer..Mr.Malik..

First day after finish Minggu Mesra Siswa (MMS),all of part one student need to see their coordinator program.That was the first time I and all my classmate meet Pn.Sharifah and also Pn. Rasyidah as a new coordinator program for course science computer.Pn.Sharifah lectures us in CSC225.That new experience for me to studying in new situation so different than secondary school.Of course it`s not the same,in university it more advance in studying than secondary school.
My lecturer for CSC 119 before this were Pn.Zuriati,but in our second class,she subtitutes by our permanent lecturer now,Mr. Malik Mohd Rick.We enjoyed class with him,firstly because as a new lecturer, he know how to make CSC119 more interesting.All the application or example he gave to us suitable with situation.We studying chapter one about Information Systems.There are five part of it,people,procedures,software,hardware,and also data.People most important part of it,like example:
1.Making IT Work for You.
3.Alot of careers inIT.
4.Computing Essentials Web site.

my day in uitm..

Firstly, I felt so thankful because got offered from UiTM,Segamat . Before this, I have been here for an interview for course Sport Science.But,unlucky I did not pass that interview.From the beginning,I felt little sad,but the other days,I know that Allah know what the best for me,and I did`not regret got offered in course Science Computer,otherwise I felt so grateful.26 Disember I registered as a student in UiTM officially.I never thought that I will be student here.I am felt so happy..