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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet the coordinator program and also my CSC119 lecturer..Mr.Malik..

First day after finish Minggu Mesra Siswa (MMS),all of part one student need to see their coordinator program.That was the first time I and all my classmate meet Pn.Sharifah and also Pn. Rasyidah as a new coordinator program for course science computer.Pn.Sharifah lectures us in CSC225.That new experience for me to studying in new situation so different than secondary school.Of course it`s not the same,in university it more advance in studying than secondary school.
My lecturer for CSC 119 before this were Pn.Zuriati,but in our second class,she subtitutes by our permanent lecturer now,Mr. Malik Mohd Rick.We enjoyed class with him,firstly because as a new lecturer, he know how to make CSC119 more interesting.All the application or example he gave to us suitable with situation.We studying chapter one about Information Systems.There are five part of it,people,procedures,software,hardware,and also data.People most important part of it,like example:
1.Making IT Work for You.
3.Alot of careers inIT.
4.Computing Essentials Web site.

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