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Monday, December 20, 2010

new spirit..January I'm Coming..........

~Strategy for next semester~
  • gain efforts in subject that i weak..::my lovely calculus...
  • always think positive aboout myself!!everyone can do it,ADEQ also can do it!!
  • shows everyone my positive sides..
  • save budget!
  • always exercises..diet in a good ways.
  • listens to my friends and family advise..
  • done my project properly!
  • TARGET A's  for certain subjects to gain pointer...
  • HABLUMMINALLAH WA HABLUMMINANNAS(menjaga hubungan dgn Allah serta sesama manusia)
         *to all my friends thanx for all your luv 4 me,hope all of u'll pray for me and others success in our life!!amin.