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Saturday, January 31, 2009

web browsers...

How do browsers display a web pages

To load a web page,we need to type a URL or select a link from the bookmarks, hit the Enter key and are taken to a web page.We were not concerned what goes on
behind the scene. A web browser is a computer that displays web pages and web sites.
From the history, web browsers are what made the web "happen.
Web browsers tied up text and images such as animation.We could now view a web page with text and images on your screen.
HTML (HyperText Markup Language, for those who want to know what it stands for), which is a simple "programming" language based on tags that provided instructions for creating web pages such as where to place an image or which text to be made large or which one to be put in italics. Web browsers also could understand and interpret HTML and display the web page to the viewer. The images and other media such as music files, animation are separate from the actual web page HTML file and are only embedded on the page when its displayed by a browser.

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